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General Questions

Is international airfare included?

our holidays are land only operated tours, which means that they begin and end in the country where the tour takes place. All international airfares to Lima or La Paz, can be booked by you. If you would like a quote on international airfare from our air department please let us know which trip you are interested in, your full name, your telephone number, your departure and return dates, and your departure/return city. Our air department can be reached by email at info@reservasmachupicchuperu.com, in local tour packages doesn’t include domestic flies; it is includes in global tour packages from / to Lima or La Paz.

Is it okay to go on this trip on my own?

We normally offer sharing services with other tourists, however if you want private tour package please let us know to arrange, obviously private tour is expensive than sharing service.

How do I go about paying for the tour?

Pay for your reservation on line using Paypal, “www.paypal.com”. You can pay either the total amount of your reservation or just make a deposit of 40% (minimum required). You can also choose to submit your credit card information along with the reservation form and send us by fax. If you pay 40%, you will have to pay the difference once you get to lodging or when you arrive to Peru, the first day.

Is it safe to travel in Peru considering the political situation there?

Yes, Peru is country that are growing. One thing that you can be sure of in this business is the variety in weather that is generally experienced on an adventure tour. Considering fluctuations in altitude and climate changes during your trip. The only way to be sure that you are prepared for all types of weather is to bring a basic assortment of layered clothing. T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece, raincoat, trousers that zip-off into shorts, etc.

What do I have to bring to Peru?

You have to bring to Peru light clothes for tropical and cost weather, raincoat and jackets for the andes, repellent, sun block, trekking shoes; You will be responsible for carrying your own luggage so don’t make it too heavy! For hikes, such as the Inca Trail, you will have the opportunity to store your regular luggage in the hotel where you will be staying before and after the hike.

What is the electricity voltage in Peru?

It is 220 Volt. However some hotels offer dual outlets, 220-110 volts. If you are planning on taking a video camera, we suggest you take an extra set of charged batteries.

What is the age group like for this trip?

You will usually find a wide range of travelers on any of our trips. Group members tend to become great friends, not only because they share wonderful experiences together, but also because they share a similar philosophy about what adventure travel should be like. If you are concerned about age, your travel agent or RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL sales representative would be happy to help you find a tour that suits your particular interests. Let us help you find a Great Adventure!

How do I get from the airport to the hotel when I get there?

In all tours we arrange arrival airport transfers. Transfer prices are included in your tour package. You will be welcome at the airport, by a bilingual member of our stuff.

When and where will I meet my group?

We have daily departures, so your adventure officially begins on Day 1 of your tour itinerary once you arrive to Lima or city where begin your trip. On arrival, there will be a note posted by your tour leader or RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL representative at the airport exit door or at the bus terminal, whichever the case could be, and from then on you will be guided all the way by a professional bilingual guide. You or your group will generally have an orientation meeting in the hotel before setting off on the tour.

What visas and vaccinations do I need?

Please contact your travel agent, or the consulate of Peru in your country, to for the most up-to-date information regarding necessary visas for your tour. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct travel documents for your trip. Vaccination requirements MUST BE CHECKED WITH A TRAVEL DOCTOR as only medical practitioners are able to advise on the area’s current situation and most up-to-date requirements for immunization. Anyway to come to Peru is not necessary vaccinations, if you go to Amazon, Manu, or Tambopata reserve you have to take vaccination for the yellow fever. Visa is not necessary to come to Peru.

What type of clothing is appropriate for the weather at that time of year?

One thing that you can be sure of in this business is the variety in weather that is generally experienced on an adventure tour. Considering fluctuations in altitude and climate changes during your trip, we always recommend one main strategy – LAYERS. The only way to be sure that you are prepared for all types of weather is to bring a basic assortment of layered clothing. T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece, raincoat, trousers that zip-off into shorts, etc. Your trip dossier will also provide some more suggestions on what kind of clothing you should bring for the particular adventure that you have chosen.

Are we allowed to bring children on the tour?

If you are traveling with your family, we take you as a private group in most instances except sharing a bus or a train. All children between 0 and 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Can you make arrangements for me to stay longer if I want to?

As our tours are land only, you are free to come as early or stay as late as you like before or after your tour begin. We would be happy to make these arrangements for you. Our tailor-made department also has some great side trips that can be offered before or after your tour.

Can I join the tour late, or leave early?

Considering the nature of our small group adventure tours, it is extremely difficult logistically, if not impossible to join a tour after it has already started. If you wish to leave a tour early, that is your prerogative. However, you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you decide to leave the tour. Please consult a RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL representative before you make any decisions about joining a tour late or leaving a tour early.

Popular Inka Trail Questions

Are sleeping bags readily available to rent from Reservas Machupicchu Peru?

No, sleeping bag is personal article, however you can take to rent from RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL.

Are mattresses provided by RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL or do we have to bring our own?

Yes, we provide mattresses for all the tourists.

Would a light weight fleece be warm enough?

You must be prepared for all types of weather. Dressing in layers is the best way to go. When you are hiking in the mountains and at high altitude you can encounter high winds and very cold temperatures, as well as rain. You should bring a solid fleece and rainproof jacket, as well as a hat and mitts (or buy them in Cusco inexpensively). At night the temperature can drop to 0 Celsius and you can get cold because you are tired from hiking all day. Don’t forget that it can be very hot and sunny as well during the day so T-shirts and quick-dry trousers/shorts are also recommended!

·… Would there be a place at the hotel in Cusco or with RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL that it could be safely stored until we return to Cusco?

You will only be bringing the most necessary items needed for your hike. Anything that you don’t need on the trail will be safely stored in the hotel’s luggage storage room in Cusco.

Is there purified water available to drink on the trail?

Water can be purchased day 1, morning, as boiled water with which to fill your water bottles will be provided every morning after breakfast. If you wish to add water purification tablets to the water you should bring those with you. Please note that we do not encourage buying water as it increases the amount of garbage to be taken off of the Trail.

Are there outhouses at the camp sites? What about showers?

There are some toilet facilities, depending on the campsite. Where there are no facilities there will be a toilet tent set up for temporary use. Showers can be rented on the third night but are often cold and crowded. Bowls of warm water are often provided to help you do a quick wash up in the morning and evening.

Is there something we should be doing to try to prepare for the altitude?

Everybody reacts differently to altitude. It is generally recommended to take it easy for the first few days at high altitude by the time you start the trail you should have more or less adapted. RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL representative will have all kinds of helpful tips to help you out, but there isn’t much you can do ahead of time. Perhaps if you are concerned, you might speak with your travel doctor about the possibility of bringing Diamox with you. However, most people do not require the use of prescription drugs on the Inca Trail. The highest altitude you will reach on the trail will be the pass at 4200 meters and you will sleep at approximately 3200 meters for one or two nights.

How much should I tip the guide and crew?

Our staffs try hard to please and tips are greatly appreciated. In fairness to all and to make your trail most enjoyable, tips are collected at the end of the voyage and distributed among the crew members and the guide. Although we leave tip amounts to your discretion, in the past many passengers have asked for a recommended amount.

Are there medical facilities?

There is a basic first aid kit onboard for minor ailments, however the guide is not equipped to handle serious medical conditions, and passengers are advised to obtain medical insurance that covers medical evacuation.

Are children permitted on Inca Trail?

No children under 10 years of age are permitted. Children between 10 and 17 years old are permitted, however they must be accompanied by an adult at a ratio of one adult per child. All reservations with respect to children are subject to review and approval by RESERVAS MACHUPICCHU PERU EIRL tours.

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