Huchuy Qosqo Trek 2 Days


  • Private Tourist Bus round trip.
  • Service of professional guide.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Meals.
  • Entrance to the Archeological sites.
  • Mules to carry the camping equipment.
  • The mules can carry 5ks extra per person.


Huch’uy Qosqo is a high archaeological complex, located about 3.350 mts on a plain in the upper third of the mountain. Since the place has a beautiful view across the valley we can see the incomparable beauty of the perpetual Mountains of Pitusiray and Chicco and in the background you will be able to clearly see the town of Calca.

According to the chronicles, it was the Inca Viracocha who founded Huch’uy Qosqo above a place that was already populated. When the first Inca, Manco Capac, arrived in the valley of Cuzco, he found the area occupied by various tribes who were later defeated and annexed to the Empire. One of these nations were set on Huch’uy Qosqo, where you can find home remnants, Inca structures that make up the architectural monument of Qosqo Huch’uy.


Early in the morning at 6:30 am, we’ll go to our hotel with our private transport which will take all the equipment to nearby Tambomachay.
There we’ll get a first impresion of the archaeological site and continue with the direction of the faults. ” Yanaqocha Qoriqocha” is one of the most famous tours which we’ll visit on our trip.

Pucamarca native community is the planned site for snack time. After lunch we will visit the home of the residents to see the lifestyle they lead and we will visit the village and experience caring for llamas and alpacas then spend the night in this town.

After breakfast we’ll say goodbye to the native families and we’ll continue towards the archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo, there awaits a typical lunch and visit the Inca archaeological site, and then later we will go down to Lamay where our private transport awaits us to return to the City of Cusco, arriving around 7:00 pm, and taking you to your hotel in Cusco.